As the older young people at King Jesus Charity Home (KJCH) complete their education, they face the problem of finding work so they can support themselves, move out of the children’s home and lead independent lives. Despite their education, Ghana has many thousands of unemployed university graduates, school and college leavers who are simply unable to find work.  For the young people at KJCH, with no family to support them, this poses a very serious problem.  They cannot stay at the children’s home for ever, but do not have funds to support themselves.  The director of KJCH, Kofi Owusu-Afriyie, is trying to set up small businesses to provide employment for them but this is not an easy task in the current economic climate in Ghana.  In Ghana, success in finding a job often depends on family connections so the young people at KJCH are severely disadvantaged in this respect.

If we had more funds, we could help with setting up small businesses but, right now, all the money we raise is needed to food and school fees.  Can you help?