Our Story

Over the Years


Orphanage established

  • The orphanage is a non-governmental organisation set up in 1995 by Pastor Kofi Owusu-Afriyie and is managed by him and a board of directors.
Mar 2001

Jean visits Ghana

  • In 2001, Jean Edusei suggested to Girlguiding Newcastle that a group of older girls should visit Ghana to experience a different culture and environment. It was agreed and Jean sought the help of the Ghanaian Girl Guides to find a project for the Newcastle Guides to do in Ghana. She was taken to King Jesus Charity Home in the village of Boadi, near Kumasi. At that time the orphanage cared for 35 children
May 2001

Guides raise 30k

  • Pastor Kofi asked Girlguiding Newcastle to raise funds to build new premises and between 2001 and 2004, over 30,000 pounds was raised to put up a single-storey building with plans in place to convert this to a 2 or 3 storey building when funds became available.
Feb 2002

Building work commences

Jan 2003

Guides visit the Orphanage

  • The Girl Guides visited the Orphanage again, this time to help with the building of the new structures
Nov 2004

Ghanaian Childrens Trust founded in Newcastle

  • In November 2004, following the end of Girlguiding Newcastle’s fundraising for the building work at King Jesus Charity Home, Jean Edusei and 6 friends set up a UK registered charity, The Ghanaian Children’s Trust, to provide on-going financial support to King Jesus Charity
Mar 2006

Plumbing of the boys’ and girls’ washrooms completed

Mar 2007

Guides visit the orphanage again

  • Projects the Guides have carried out at the orphanage include Hygiene and 1st Aid, Road Safety and Healthy Eating. In addition they have taught the children many songs and games and a wide variety of craft activities
May 2007

All electrical work completed

Jul 2007

The Orphanage is given a farm

  • With money raised by The Ghanaian Children’s Trust, the orphanage has been able to buy pigs and sheep for breeding to sell or feed the children. The orphanage has been bequeathed a farm near Obuasi, about 2 hours’ drive from the orphanage, and yam and cassava are being grown there
Sep 2007

More progress in Ghana

  • Hand-operated and electric sewing machines donated by members of Girlguiding Newcastle are being used to teach dressmaking and some of the older girls have set up their own dressmaking business and are now self-sufficient and living in private accommodation. They have recently opened a second shop, making bridal wear. Some of the children have done apprenticeships in catering, automobile fitting, electrical engineering and hairdressing and are in full-time employment.
Feb 2008

A well is added

  • In addition, the Trust was instrumental in obtaining funding from a UK-based charity ‘Wilmslow Wells for Africa’ to provide a bore hole at King Jesus Charity Home to secure a clean, safe water supply
Apr 2011

Water packaging begins

  • In 2011 the Trust was able to purchase machinery to enable the drinking water to be packaged in sachets which are now being sold to raise money for the orphanage and this is providing employment for some of the young men at King Jesus Charity Home
Jun 2012

Kitchen renovation at KJCH

  • Renovations to the kitchen begin in earnest!
Feb 2013

Vaccinations and Girls House

  • Hepatitis B vaccination for staff and children at KJCH are finally all paid for and administered and the final payment is made for purchase of girls’ house
Apr 2014

Guides visit GCT again!

  • The Girl Guides from Newcastle make another fruitful visit to the Orphanage in Ghana and decorate the girls’ house
Apr 2015

Dansabon Security Company set up at KJCH