About The Ghanaian Childrens Trust

The charity was established in 2004 to relieve poverty and distress among children and young adults, who are orphans or who are destitute, particularly but not exclusively those who are resident at the King Jesus Charity Home in Boadi, Kumasi and to advance their education.


What is King Jesus Charity Home?

 The orphanage is a non-governmental organisation that relies totally on charitable donations to meet all its expenses. Its aims are to provide a secure home and an education for street children, orphans and children from poor families.

Why GCT needs your help!

Severe problems are being encountered in paying the salaries of the teachers and care staff, school fees, utility bills, food and clothing. In the past, the children’s diet consisted mainly of carbohydrate as this is the cheapest food available. Lack of nutritious food can have a detrimental effect on the children’s health and development. With our help, it has been possible to occasionally introduce protein, calcium, fruit and vegetables into the children’s diet but limited funds mean they are not available on a regular basis.

Some of the children have been orphaned by AIDS, though they are not affected by the disease themselves. Others have a parent who may be an alcoholic or have severe mental health problems and are therefore unable to care for their children.

The youngest resident was only a few weeks old when she came to KJCH after her mentally ill mother attempted to kill her. Some of the older children have gone on to senior secondary school and higher education, including university. Others have completed apprenticeships and set up small businesses.


With so many children to care for, it is always a struggle to find the money to pay school fees and to buy books, uniforms etc. One boy was sent home from school because he had no shoes to wear.

Why was GCT set up?

Between 2002 and 2004, Girlguiding Newcastle upon Tyne raised funds to provide new premises at the King Jesus Charity Home. The new building has made a tremendous difference to the lives of the children at the orphanage. The Ghanaian Children’s Trust was set up to provide ongoing financial support to the orphanage and other orphaned and destitute children in Kumasi.

The Trust is seeking people or groups who are willing to make a regular donation, e.g. monthly or annually and all the money will go directly to the King Jesus Charity Home.

No money is deducted apart from legitimate expenses such as insurance cover for our volunteers and the public, and printing costs for our publicity leaflets.

All trustees of the charity are unpaid volunteers. Supporters are kept up-to-date with an annual newsletter about the charity’s work in Ghana.

How you can help?


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