The Dansabon water bagging company at KJCH is not doing too well at the moment because there are too many companies selling water, the electricity is off for 12 hours every day due to a national shortage, and there is always less demand for drinking water during the rainy season when the weather is cooler.  The plant at KJCH is still operating when possible but mainly for the orphanage’s own use and a few local customers.  Because of this, income is reduced and the water company staff have little work.  To generate an income some of the older boys, who have now completed their education, have made weaving looms out of bamboo poles and are weaving kente cloth.  This is traditional brightly coloured Ghanaian cloth that is woven in strips which are then sewn together to make bigger pieces of cloth.  At present they are working in the open air in the garden and need a shelter to protect the looms and their work from the elements.  They will also need to build sturdier looms when funds become available to buy the wood and the Ghanaian Children’s Trust is hoping to be able to find sponsorship for this.

Another income-generating business that is just about to start at KJCH is a security business.  In conjunction with the local police and council, the older, unemployed young men and women at KJCH, together with some unemployed young people from Boadi village, have been trained to be security guards and will patrol the village in shifts, 24 hours a day.  The have been provided with uniforms and are fully trained.  The village currently has no police station so an old shipping container close to the orphanage has been converted into a base/office for the Dansabon Security Company and villagers will be able to report problems to them there.  They have a contract with the local council and are also seeking contracts with other companies/individuals in the area.  This is a wonderful example of the orphanage working with the local community to provide much-needed work for the young people and benefit to all concerned.