Life continues to be hectic at King Jesus Charity Home in Kumasi.  Congratulations to those who did well in their exams and are going on to higher education.  The new school term is about to start and money is needed for school and university fees.  The Ghanaian Children’s Trust is sending £2,500 now, having already sent £4,000 since April, but every penny is needed at the orphanage to support the 160+ children and young people.  We have also recently shipped clothing, shoes, blankets, toys and books to the orphanage.

In recent months several new children have come to stay at the orphanage, including baby triplets who were very unwell.  Sadly one of them did not survive but the other two are being lovingly cared for by the staff and older girls and we hope they will continue to improve.  An abandoned baby girl also arrived recently so the staff have their hands full.