Today we are launching an appeal for funds to pay for a new roof on the girls’ house at King Jesus Charity Home in Boadi, and the roof of the boys’ rooms at the orphanage’s second house at Apemso.  Both of these roofs are leaking badly and the cost of replacing them is £7,706 and £5,176 respectively.  A further £2,000 is needed to repair water damage in the girls’ house which has caused the plywood ceilings to rot and plaster to crack with big holes appearing in the walls.  Following repair, the whole of the girls’ house will need to be painted inside and out.  We are applying to several organisations for grant funding but, with a total bill of £14,882, we need all the help we can get.  If you can help, please donate via the link on this website using the reference “Roof”.  With many thanks.

Ceiling and wall damage in girls’ house

  • Ceiling damage in a bedroom in the girls’ house