Between June and Sept 2012  three of our trustees visited King Jesus Charity Home (at their own expense) and helped re-organise the orphanage’s management, accounting and record-keeping systems, bringing them into line with the Ghana Social Welfare Department regulations.  This included sending Esther, the administrator, on a 5-week course, paid for by GCT.  GCT money also paid for renovation of the kitchen, as well as the food and clothing storerooms, and provided much needed funds to pay for school, college and university fees for the next term.  The broken water pum was repaired, corroded piping replaced and water restored to the kitchen and washrooms.

Pastor Kofi has sent an email as follows: ” I am writing to show healthy appreciation to Jean, Cath, Irene and Stephanie. Your visit is yielding much fruits in King Jesus Charity Home administration.  We shall continue keeping all that knowledge acquired.  Thanks for the wonderful tiled kitchen, water pump, good water flowing and many more.  I could not mention all, money as usual etc, etc.  Students are happy going to their various schools; those not permitted for senior high because of low grades are still worried, soon they shall come to normal. I am doing my best to offer to them their requested skills training. I am sure they shall accept so to make future living.  My warm greetings to the Trustees, supporters, the Guides, all friends etc, etc. May you always get God’s favour and protection.  LONG LIFE TRUSTEES [GCT].  Missing you.  Pastor Kofi, big family at King Jesus Charity Home, staff, and the Church.”