King Jesus Charity Home is short of food.  Churches in Kumasi donate food at Christmas and Easter, but supplies are now running low and it’s still 6 weeks until Christmas.  Also the next round of school/university fees will be due in January 2017 so we need all the help we can to raise funds to help the orphanage.  All the school age children attend school.  Primary and junior high school are free (although the orphanage has to buy books, uniforms etc) and the orphanage is paying for 40 students to attend Senior High School and 4 are at university.  The pre-school children are educated by a kindergarten teacher at the orphanage.

Several of the boys’ mattresses need replacing at a cost of approximately £25 each but these will have to wait as it is more urgent that any available money is used to buy food.

The orphanage relies totally on charitable donations and receives no monetary help from the government of Ghana.  Vulnerable children are brought to the orphanage by the police or Social Welfare Department, some for short term care but others stay until they are adult and able to care for themselves.  No money, clothing or food are brought with the children and it is the orphanage that provides their care and pays for their education.