Photo courtesy of Dansabon Enterprise

Because of the rising cost of electricity in Ghana, King Jesus Charity Home (KJCH) is struggling to find sufficient funds to pay for it.  Also the electricity supply is unreliable because of frequent power cuts or because the wires bringing electricity to the home, which contain copper, have been stolen and it can take some time before the Ghana Electricity Company is able to replace them.  This is having a serious detrimental effect on the wellbeing of the residents in the children’s home; the children find it difficult do their school homework and they cannot charge the laptops and phones that they use for their studies, or use the musical keyboards for their music practice.  During the hours of darkness, approximately 6.30 pm to 5 am, the children have difficulty finding their way across the courtyard to the washrooms and, for the younger children particularly, this can be a frightening experience.

We aim to install solar panels and batteries to supply power to both the houses on the Boadi site and, once completed, to do the same at the Apemso site.  This will all cost approximately £17,175 (depending on the rate of exchange between the pound sterling and the Ghana cedi at the time).  The work will be carried out by Dansabon Enterprise, a company set up by staff at KJCH to provide employment for some of the older boys on completing their education/training.  They will NOT be charging for their labour, thus keeping the cost to a minimum.

We are applying for grants from a number of organisations that support overseas projects and will be holding a “Salsa for Solar” event in Newcastle upon Tyne on 11 March 2023 – look out for further details coming soon.  If you would like to donate to this project, please click on the PayPal donate button on the home screen. Let’s Light up the Lives of all the wonderful staff, children and young people at King Jesus Charity Home.  Thank you.