Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Wm Leech Charity & Lady Leech 3rd World Charity for their wonderful donation of £4,000 to enable the Ghanaian Children’s Trust to complete the renovation of the dining hall/activity room and sick bay at King Jesus Charity Home.  This will make a huge difference to life at the orphanage.  The whole “family” will be able to sit down together for meals which will improve their social skills and provide cohesion.  It will also keep the dormitories free of food (and the resultant insects that come in search of a tasty meal).  The children will also have a great space to socialise and study, sheltered from the sun and rain.  The sick bay will also give them a quiet, separate space in which to receive treatment and rest during times of illness.

The trustees of GCT have struggled for years to find extra funding to complete this project as all the money we raise is needed for food and school fees, so at last the work can be carried out.  Watch out for photos in a month or two to see how the work progresses.