Thanks to our supporters, the new laptops, calculators, pen drives and music keyboards at King Jesus Charity Home are making a huge difference to the children’s education.  GCT has also purchased school textbooks and dictionaries for the children.  During the school holidays Nora and her colleagues at the children’s home have been working hard to help the children catch up on work they’ve missed while their school has been closed due to coronavirus.  The children in GCSE and ‘A’ level years were allowed back to school last term to sit their exams and the results are anxiously awaited; likewise 3 students who have completed university this year. There is no date yet for when the schools and colleges will re-open so the help we have been able to provide via our Education Project is vital and will continue to be so when the children do return to school.  We have decided to defer buying the sports shoes for the children’s physical education lessons until school re-starts, otherwise the children’s feet might have grown out of them, but as soon as school re-opens there will be one massive shopping trip! Her is a photo of Nora helping one of the younger pupils get to grips with her schoolwork. (Apologies for the poor picture quality).