King Jesus Charity Home relies totally on donations of money and goods from supporters both in Ghana and abroad.  Many schools, churches and businesses in Kumasi donate at Christmas and Easter time and this photo shows staff and pupils from St Louis Jubilee School, Oduom, Kumasi presenting their donations of food, toilet rolls, nappies, soap and the like at Easter 2022.  Our chair of Trustees, Jean Edusei, was visiting at the time and was delighted to receive the gifts on behalf of the children’s home. Donations at Christmas usually keep the home supplied with non-perishable food such as rice, cooking oil, biscuits and drinks until Easter, then further donations at Easter keep them supplied until August.  Although some further donations come in from time to time, supplies often run low between August and December.  Fortunately the Ghanaian Children’s Trust sends money regularly throughout the year to pay for essentials like food, school and university fees.

The staff and pupils from St Louis Jubilee School had many questions to ask about how the home is run, where the children come from and what happens to them when they leave.  They learned how most of the school age children are now receiving free education but there are still a few in private Senior High Schools and university, for which fees have to be paid.  Some also are doing apprenticeships.  All will be supported by King Jesus Charity Home until they finish their education or training, are able to find employment and become self-supporting, although at age 18 they move out of the main house and into a second house about a mile away until they are ready to move on to a place of their own.