The old classrooms at KJCH are being renovated to make a dining hall/activity room, sick bay and staff quarters, thanks to financial support from Vodaphone Ghana.  Unfortunately due to a communication problem, Vodaphone Ghana thought they had agreed to pay for a sick bay and King Jesus Charity Home thought they had agreed to pay for renovation of the whole building.  The Vodaphone Ghana money has all been used up and the building is still without a roof, ceilings, windows, doors, plastering, painting or floors.  It is estimated that at least another Ghana cedis 30,000 is needed to complete the job (approximately £10,000).  Until funds are secured, building work is at a standstill. See photo.

We are very grateful to Vodaphone Ghana for the help they have given so far.  Jean Edusei is currently in Kumasi and will be visiting local building supplies companies to ask for donations of cement, iron rods, roofing sheets etc to help get the work underway.

The upper storey on the main building is also not complete.  This is urgently needed as it will provide much needed washroom facilities.  Currently there are only 6 toilets and 4 showers (half for the boys and half for the girls), which is grossly inadequate for the 100+ people living in this building.