Agnes Serwaah Bonsu

Agnes is a 25 year old woman who, thanks to the support of the Ghanaian Children’s Trust, has had her life turned around.

Agnes is currently studying Disability and Rehabilitation Studies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in Kumasi, Ghana.  She came to King Jesus Charity Home at the age of 8, along with her two siblings, John and Mercy.  At that time life in the home was not easy.  Agnes remembers sometimes the food supplies ran out and they didn’t know where to get food to eat  They used to attend school at the orphanage and some of the challenges Agnes remembers were lack of professional teachers, lack of textbooks and not enough classrooms.  Because of this they used to combine 2 or 3 classes together so the children were not performing as well as they should.  But then the Ghanaian Children’s Trust got involved.  Agnes says: “Glory be to Almighty God for using your team to change our situation.  I’m so grateful for all the good things you have done for us.  Moreover, I am delighted that the orphanage building now has a new roof”.

There is still much to be done and many more children like Agnes and her siblings who need our help.   In Agnes’ words “We are pleading to everyone who can support us to come to our aid”, “I also assure you that in the near future, as you are blessing us, we will also do the same for others who are in the same situation. We are grateful for what you have done for us.”

Please donate what you can so we can carry on with this vital work to give the young people a better chance in life.  Thank you.